Jan 6 - Jan 31 2018

Following the cyclical footsteps of a drop of water
retrace a path of urban development
and probe into what is often unseen

Public guided tours available from Thursdays through Sundays
The journey will be around 40 minutes long,
English and Cantonese docent service available.

After the Deluge is a homecoming project of artist Kingsley Ng in response to his earlier solo at OzAsia: in close proximity to the desert, Adelaide is among the driest regions in Australia; on the other side of the Earth, Hong Kong is also affected by climate change and heavy rains are becoming more and more frequent. Between these two poles of water imbalance, how do we reflect on the disequilibrium triggered by modern development?

Departing from this macroscopic question, After the Deluge brings the audience to a monumental facility built innovatively to tackle urban floods. The work transforms this stronghold into a space for contemplation. Following the cyclical footsteps of a drop of water, the work invites the audience to retrace a path of urban development, and probe into what is often unseen.

The Tai Hang Tung Stormwater Storage Tank is normally not open to the public. With great support from the Drainage Services Department, this underground space will unprecedentedly become the locale of a site-specific work of art, and will be open for guided tours during the exhibition period.

More detail about Tai Hang Tung Storage Scheme: Click here to enter
Creative Team and Crew

藝術家 Artist
伍韶勁 Kingsley Ng

策劃/文字 Curator / writer
張慧婷 Stephanie Cheung

作曲家 Composer
李一葦 Angus Lee

混音/聲音工程 Sound Engineer
楊我華 Anthony Yeung

燈光設計 Lighting Designer
李智偉 Lee Chi-wai

場地監督 Floor Manager
徐偉康 Tsui Wai-hong

導賞團統籌 Guided Tours Coordinator
王茵茵 Yan-yan Wong

網頁設計 Website Designer
卓穎嵐 Cheuk Wing-nam

研究助理 Research Assistant
王濰 Wong Wai, Mandy

製作助理 Production Assistants
丁立德 Zachery Ting Lap-tak
曾明輝 Kazaf Tsang
張穎欣 CHEUNG Wing-yan Rivian

Technical management and support by Stage Tech Limited

HKADC Project Team

行政總裁 Chief Executive
周蕙心 Winsome Chow

企業發展高級經理 Corporate Development Senior Manager
梁詠詩Lorenex Leung

企業發展項目經理 Corporate Development Programme Manager
吳詠彤 Wendy Ng
邱德雯 Sasha Yau

企業發展項目主任 Corporate Development Programme Officer
賴凱婷 Lai Hoi Ting
羅錦浩 Richard Law
吳詠芯 Chesna Ng

企業發展項目助理 Corporate Development Programme Assistant
陳嘉敏 Karen Chan
趙燕雯 Dabie Chiu
梁爾倩 Attie Leung

編輯 Editor
Cultural Connections

封面設計Cover Design
Kingsley Ng

公關 Public Relations
Sinclair Communications

社交媒體 Social Media
五斗米Rice 5